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In terms of industrial safety, housekeeping and maintenance go hand in hand. How well the hygiene of a working environment is being maintained in an organization is an indicator of the competent facility management of the company. Besides cleanliness, it’s equally important to safeguard company properties from theft and downtime of various security systems. Here comes the requisite for hiring an efficient housekeeping service in Kolkata. In addition to commercial spaces, various posh residences in modern scenario are also hiring trained housekeeping professionals to keep their property in perfect shape.

Important Aspects of Housekeeping and Maintenance:

  • A safer working surroundings
  • Perks up the organizational image of a company
  • Enhances efficiency as well as productivity of an organization
  • Gets rapid assistance in terms of maintenance, repair and replacement of security devices
  • Minimizing security interruption

Why to hire a competent security service provider in Kolkata who can also render efficient housekeeping and maintenance?

  • One gets end-to-end security and cleaning solutions with top standard maintenance
  • Facilities, equipment, access routes and work areas are maintained properly and remain in good condition
  • Keeps the office space clutter free and nicely arranged
  • Work surfaces remain dust-free with clean floors
  • Clutter-free aisles and exits of any commercial space
  • Office floor, pantry as well as canteens remain dirt free with rightly maintained waste bins and containers
  • Maintenance of electrical and mechanical devices, air conditioning system, generator etc.
  • Quick addressal of security maintenance problems like intrusion detection, video surveillance, fire control, access control, elevator security etc.

We at Biss World Securitus, provide all the above-mentioned duties related to housekeeping and maintenance with diligence and flawless delivery. Our qualified managers oversee the responsibilities of the housekeepers and makes sure that all of them abide by their duties completely to live up to the expectations of our clients. The housekeepers who we hire follow the company policies too.     

At Biss World Securitus, we offer high standard housekeeping assistance at a cost-effective budget. Make your office, residential complex and other commercial zone fully secure and spotless by accessing our well-organized housekeeping and maintenance services now!

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