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Types of Security Services Available in Kolkata

Security services are of dire needs in every corner of the world let alone the urban metropolitan cities. From big cities to small towns and even in some places in the village, security and housekeeping services becomes important. Kolkata is a populous city where different types of people come from all over the world for various purposes, like education, work, business, travel and tourism and lots more. Hence it becomes very vital to safeguard The City of Joy from all sorts of possible dangers. Not only dangers are what the security services are there for, but also, they take care of basic operational and functional needs. Often, they provide us with aid and assistance to various works, shows us directions and guide us with rules and norms. Furthermore, they also help us during an emergency and fix things up.

People refer for a trusted security agency in this City, who can provide industrial, corporate, private security and housekeeping services in Kolkata. There are few of them who serves the best from the rest in terms of both security and housekeeping services in Kolkata. Bureau of Industrial Security Services or Bissworld Securitus provides one of the most reliable security and housekeeping service in Kolkata. They offer well-trained professionals to handle all the security issues.

By security services, most of the people understand the appointment of only security guards as a service. But there are not only one kind of security services in Kolkata that is available. There are other types of services that fall under security services. Now let’s check those with Bissworldsecurities as instances:

1) Security Coverage:

The security coverage includes security supervisor, ex-servicemen guard, security guard, gateman, lady friskers. These are very well-trained professionals who use modern strategies along with physical strength to protect people and also to defend people at times. These professionals are appointed in corporate buildings, government bodies, educational institutes, public places and many more such places to guide, assist and help people especially when under attack and threats. The gateman and guards check people who are coming into the building or malls or any place that needs a thorough check on their visitors. The security coverage services are also much needed in order to protect VIPs and celebrities. They assist these eminent personalities and become their last line of defense. They are not only equipped with modern arms but also have extreme physical strength, trained fighting skills and a presence of mind which enables them to protect individuals to large places with every possible strategy they know.

2) Office Support Team:

The office support team aids in technical support to guidance in different sort of assistance. The receptionist – helps to book a place, give you allowance inside a building, registering all your personal data and the purpose of coming. The Clerical staffs handle other official operations. The office team also includes staffs like telephone Operator, Computer Operator, Office Peon, Courier Service, Pantry Boy who does the operational and somewhat management related works in an efficient way. These works are also necessary for security and housekeeping services.

3) Maintenance and allied services:

These are vital works which only skilled person can do. Electrician, Plumber, Gardener, Sweeper, Cleaner, Caretaker and so on are the staffs who take care of the minor things yet very important works that fulfill hospitality helps maintain the reputation and also aids in solving emergency issues. These tasks are performed y skilled professionals who have the knowledge and hands-on experience in their particular skills and they are always at people’s service to fix things up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, these aforementioned are mainly three major divisions that are included under security and housekeeping services in Kolkata. Bureau of Industrial Security Services or Bissworld Securitus is one of the few reliable security and housekeeping services in Kolkata that provide an all-inclusive security coverage, office support team, maintenance and allied services under one umbrella. These security professions are always there to risk their lives and fix minor to major life problems by force or by their skills. These are well trained, well-disciplined and have the knowledge of courtesy and hospitality as well.

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