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Types of Training Required To Become a Skilled Security Guard

Choosing your career on the defence and security domain is not everyone’s cup of tea. A security guard plays an important role in protecting and safeguarding any place, property, masses or building. It requires immense skills and physical strengths for being a proficient security guard, be it in any field of security areas. Ample training are provided to the security guards as per their requirements on the fields they are hired for. Some reliable security agency in urban areas provides training to the security guards. For instance, security agency in Kolkata, to name a few, provides world-class training and has very up-skilled security guards. These training are extremely necessary as it gives them the exact idea of strategies to be applied during defending or protecting, while an emergency arrives.

So let’s see types of training required to become a skilled security guard:

Unarmed Security Training:

These are the basic version of security training. These types of training doesn’t generally require operations with arms and usage of weapons. However, the physical training is given to the security guards in order to defend in harsh situations using their physical strength. Also, the entire course of the unarmed security training depends upon physical skillset and training, psychological training, communication skill training and so on. The length of the training and the course matters depend on state laws and company policies mainly.

Armed Security Training:

Armed security training is pretty much rigorous and a bit prolonged. It deals with the proper usage and operations of arms and ammunitions, and the laws behind using it. Furthermore, it depends on which sector you will be working upon and accordingly, the security guard will be introduced to the relevant skill set. In most of the place it requires a licence to become a professional armed security guard. The operations need sharp eye and great details and hence it has to need special trainings that fall under armed security training.

Soft Skill Training:

Soft skill training are equally important as a security guard because not only the guard needs to protect masses and buildings, but they also have to perform multiple tasks, which needs strategic thinking and management processes. Top rated security guard agency in Kolkata focuses on teaching soft skills like managing multiple tasks, professionalism, reporting tasks, presence of mind, safety management and much more. Communication skills are also given much priority.

These are the aforementioned security trainings which are given as a primary training. The training varies according to the needs of the individual sectors. For proficient trained and skilled security guards, choose the most trustworthy security agency in Kolkata, go for Bissworld Securitas who provides reliable security and housekeeping services in Kolkata.

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