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Housekeeping services deals with the proper maintenance and organization of any commercial or residential premises. The main motive of the housekeeping department is to make customers or visitors comfortable and give them a feeling of home out of home. Needless to say, the housekeeping services are not that of an easy task as it has to handle various sectors of the same premises. Therefore a set of professionals are required to take care of the building. Top security agencies and housekeeping service providers has skilled professionals who are adept in housekeeping works in their respective field. There are a few housekeeping agency in Kolkata you can find that provides such top class services. They have skilled persons who know their job and how to execute it.

Let’s see the types of housekeeping staffs that are hired in commercial and residential premises:

Ward boy:

Ward boys or attendants of specific fields take care of the hospitality, functional and other multi-tasking works which varies according to their respective fields. They assist the customers, clients or the higher authorities by serving them their basic needs or handling the operations following the rules and procedures. They also perform documentation work, make reports, checks other employees subordinate to them.


The sweeper keeps the floor, walls and the premises clean. Some sweepers are appointed to clean both the inside and outside the premises. Other heavy duties like cleaning rugs, mats, walls and glass, other maintenance activities, reporting authorities for repairs and replacements and much more.

Office Cleaner:

Office cleaner ensures cleanliness inside and outside the office premises. Office remains organized, tidy and neat if good office cleaners are appointed and they work on a regular basis. They remove unwanted products, cleans every visible portions and hidden corners of the buildings keeping it germ and odour free.


Plumbing works shouldn’t be ignored at any building, for which the skilled plumbers are appointed for repairing, installing, checking, maintain and other fabrication works. Plumbing oriented emergencies can arrive at any point of time and plumbers are ready with their tools to fix things up.


The job role of peons differ in various sectors. Some are engaged in maintaining hospitality, cleanliness, doing operational work, while some does office works, like reporting, transferring files as per instructed, some desk jobs, calculations etc.
Receptionist: Receptionists are also considered under housekeeping department in many places. They handle and manage the reception, front office or back office work, attending calls, registration, billing and payment, maintaining data etc.


Liftmman ensures smooth running of lifts, regulate the lifts and elevators, checking and maintaining their functionalities etc. Reliable housekeeping agencies in Kolkata has professional liftman services as well.

So these are few of the housekeeping staffs that maintains, checks, regulates and performs various duties, together enduring all the sectors of the building are running smooth and properly. Be it a building or a commercial or residential premises, hiring professional housekeeping staffs from reliable housekeeping service agencies in Kolkata will be a wiser decision.

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