Security Guard

Security service does not end with just guarding the entrance of a building. A complete security service contains many layers of functionality endowed with modern technology.

The 3 categories of services offered by us at Bissworldsecuritus are security coverage, office support and maintenance and allied services.

Security coverage includes following posts:

Security supervisor, Security officer, Chowkidar, Ex-servicemen guard, Trained security guard, Gateman, Lady friskers

Office support team includes the following:

Receptionist, Telephone operator, Computer operator, Clerical staff, Stenographer, Office peon, Courier service boy, Pantry boy

Maintenance & allied services include:

Caretake, Electrician, Liftman, Plumber, Gardener, Sweeper/Cleaner

Recruitment method for security guards –

All candidates have to appear for an interview held by our experienced board. Physical fitness will be assayed. Candidates will be selected on the basis of the interview, physical fitness and their sense of responsibility and reliability.

Categories of Security guard: Security services are offered at varied levels of importance. At BISS or Bissworldsecuritus, we offer both Government and Private security services in Kolkata. The four categories include B+, B- and C+, C-.

AGE (years) 20-40 20-55 18-65 18-65
HEIGHT 5’6” or above 5’5” or above 5’5” or above 5’5” or above
WEIGHT Average Average Any Any
EXPERIENCE Minimum 2 years Minimum 1 year Nil Nil
EDUCATION X to graduate X to graduate Illiterate to IV (maybe X) Illiterate to IV (maybe X)
TRAINING Provided Provided Nil Nil

We follow strict conduct of rules and discipline. There are 5 principles that are to be followed at every situation:

  1. Cleanliness: Security guards are supposed to wear smart and clean security dress on duty as a first step of discipline.
  2. Discipline: Discipline should be maintained in his habits, movements and thoughts.
  3. Behavior: He should behave politely and courteously but firmly with the visitors.
  4. Respectfulness: He should pay respect to his superiors by smart saluting and should obey his orders promptly.
  5. He shall never be a bully and not display bad temper or to use abusive languages.