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Prevention is better than cure forms the fundamental principle of not only medical science but also when it comes to one’s safety and security. The harsh reality and increasing number of crimes have made security services essential for a person, organization and immovable properties.

Security Guard

We offer esteemed security services for residence and bungalows.


Security Supervisor

Our firm is offering Corporate Security Services with the help of our highly skilled professionals.



We depute Cleaner/Housekeeper all those staffs to the public and private sectors


Licensed Liftmen

We have a large number of trained licensed liftmen with loyal hard working professional


Bureau Of Industrial Security Services Your Trusted Security Agency in Kolkata for Corporates


At Bureau Of Industrial Security Services, we come with years of experience and expertise in varying levels of security, and have committed to eradicate the chances of unanticipated experience, hazards and losing resources and propositions. When you think you are safe, your organization and your home are secure, your assets are safe, your transactions are safe – you are actually “closing your eyes” to the harsher reality that “anything can happen at any time”.

Access Control

Considering the accelerating rate of “crimes and criminal incidents” in society, industry, commerce or corporate world, no one, no organization is safe anymore.

Staging of Equipment

At Bissworldsecuritus, we put great emphasis on security being implemented with modern technology and amenities. Our security guards are well prepared and trained to triumph over any emergency circumstances.

Proactive measures

We provide Security and Housekeeping service in Kolkata with our team of experienced security personnel. The security systems and activities are well monitored and maintained with the use of hi-tech surveillance system. We offer B and C +- categories of security for organizations and personal security.

Corporate Security

Various reputed Government and Private organizations prefer Bissworldsecuritus for our breakthrough training and well researched strategies to combat modern day hassles.

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Bureau of Industrial Security Services

Civil Guards are recruited by holding on interview of the desired candidates in a board of our experience Officers and the candidates are selected amongst who are found to be physically fit and capable to perform.

4 commandments to our trained guard as a point of discipline

Security guards are supposed to wear smart and clean security dress on duty as a first step of discipline.

We proffer security services in the commercial sectors, private residences, business zones, industrial zones, banks, nursing homes and wire houses.

Discipline is to be his habits movements, and thought.

He is to behave politely and courteously but firmly with the member of public or visitors.

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Trained Security Guards


Education Awards


Certified Administrator


Working Housekeeper


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