Shopping Malls are not only a biggest recreation hub for people and shopaholics, but it’s a billion dollar industry with lots of local to high-end worldwide brands doing their business. Every single item displayed for sale are worth money and most of them are quite expensive. Furthermore, a lot of people come for shopping their favourite products, grab some snacks, take selfies and groupies and enjoy their time.

Maintaining and controlling such a big public recreation hub is not at all an easy task. It needs proper security systems and housekeeping services to monitor and safeguard the entire area and also operate the back-end operations along with basic hospitality! In urban and metropolitan cities you will find security agencies that provide world-class security and housekeeping services which includes trained professionals. These skilled security staffs are hired by big shopping malls for performing various vital tasks. Reliable security agencies in Kolkata, for instances has proficient and trained staffs that fulfils the services demanded by the clients.

Now let’s see why it is necessary to have Security Services in Shopping Malls:

Protection of the mall:

Shopping malls are huge buildings with lots of open and closed spaces, stores and showrooms, lifts, escalators, staircases, gateways, emergency exits and passageways, restrooms, office rooms and endless number of spaces to look at. The entire building definitely needs a detailed and minute look-over every second. Security staffs and security guards inspect the entire shopping mall as violent attacks can happen anytime. Also the housekeeping staffs maintain the building premises, and takes part in controlling of a few operations of the shopping mall.

Preventing thefts:

The shopping mall includes property and assets worth millions of costs. From local brands to high-end global brands there are lots of products sold by various sellers. Each and every items in the shopping mall are quite expensive. It needs to be safeguarded from thefts and robbery. Security guards are there to ensure there’s optimum security from such violent crimes.

Have a close eye on visitors:

Lots of people come and go in the shopping mall every time it is open for the public. It is the duty of the security guards to check all the people whoever comes in. The security guard checks every single person who enters the mall, for arms and ammunitions or any sort of weapons if anyone is carrying secretly. They can also prevent the entry of anyone if suspected of having criminal activity. They also administer every single floor and check if everything is running properly.

Controlling crowds:

There are times when the people creates a huge crowd in the malls; for example, on weekends, on holidays, on sale, on festivals and other such occasions. Security guards checks basic disciplines while other housekeeping staffs checks neatness of floors and/or maintenance of lifts, escalators etc.

Giving Assistance:

Not only the security and housekeeping staffs are appointed to safeguard the masses from the dangers, but they also assist people in need of help, inside the shopping malls. They are also likely to report to the management authorities of the shopping malls if any person falls into any sort of troubles inside the shopping malls.

The aforementioned are some of the basic duties that security guards and housekeeping staffs performs inside the shopping malls. Some of the trusted security agencies, for example the security agency in Kolkata provides best security and housekeeping services. We might ignore little stuffs, but security services and housekeeping services are equally important in every sector, not to mention inside and outside the shopping malls as well.

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